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Ceiling Fans & Light Fixtures

It’s happened to us all. Just when you think your home is clean you look up at the ceiling and there it is —a dirty light fixture or ceiling fan! You know it needs cleaning, but what a headache! At Absolutely Clear we go through great lengths to take your headache away. Utilizing professional cleaning techniques, we get into the hard to reach places to give you the peace-of-mind you crave.

Specialty Windows

Do you have specialty windows? Maybe you’ve got stained glass, skylights, French windows, storm windows, or tinted windows? These window need cleaning too, but because of either location and/or material make-up, specialty windows often require special consideration when cleaning. Rest easy knowing that Absolutely Clear will specialty clean your specialty windows with amazing results!


A mirror is a reflection of yourself. You wouldn’t want a dirty reflection of yourself would you? Keep your mirrors and your reflection clean with Absolutely Clear mirror cleaning services. Whether you have large bathroom mirrors, mirrored walls, or framed mirrors, let’s make sure your mirrors give you the cleanest, most accurate reflection possible.

Screens & Blinds

You wouldn’t put dirty clothes on after taking a bath or shower, would you? Likewise, it doesn’t make much sense to clean your windows without cleaning your screens and blinds too. At Absolutely Clear we understand this. That’s why we provide cleaning services for your screens and blinds, giving you the complete experience of cleanliness with all your windows.


When was the last time you had your gutters cleaned? Did you know that clogged gutters can cause significant damage to your roof, siding and trim? Short circuit any possible damage to your house and save money by addressing your gutters now. At Absolutely Clear we’ll unclog and clean your gutters so that they’ll function properly saving you the possibility of any damage that would cost you money and time.

Solar Panels

Dirty windows are obvious when they need a cleaning. With solar panels, that may not be the case. Because the location of solar panels are often on top of roofs or on elevated platforms it can be less obvious when they’re in need of a cleaning. However, unclean solar panels are less efficient than clean ones. This means dirty solar panels cost you money. For maximum energy efficiency, get your solar panels clean and rest easy knowing your professionally cleaned solar panels are giving you the most for your money.

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The Absolutely Clear window cleaning experience is our passion for clean windows, courteous service, and happy clients combined with the artful skill of our professionally trained technicians. Our customers are catered to with a custom designed window cleaning plan unique to their needs and preferences. You may also choose one of our window cleaning packages to suit your needs. Experience what only the best window cleaners can deliver. Not only will you have the cleanest windows possible at an affordable rate, we guarantee our work. If you're not satisfied, we're make it right or your cleaning is free of charge. Need those hard-to-reach areas cleaned? Whatever or wherever they are, just ask! Absolutely Clear will calibrate its skills and resources to customize solutions for your home cleaning needs. We'll provide the solution you'll love.

  • Basic Window Cleaning Package

    Exterior glass pane cleaning PLUS sills!

  • Premium Window Cleaning Package

    Interior / Exterior glass pane cleaning PLUS Sills!

  • Luxury Window Cleaning Package

    Exterior / Interior window cleaning INCLUDES tracks, sills and screens.

  • 100% Client Satisfaction

    Whatever you choose, 100% client satisfaction is our goal. All the time. Everytime.

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